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Frequently Asked Questions

Dates and Rates

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

The first thing you should do when you’re planning an event is contact us to discuss dates, and the more advanced notice you (and we) have, the better.  You can avoid disappointment by working with us to plan ahead.


To this end, we are happy to work with you to refine your menu and attendance up to 14 days before your date. Changes within 14 days of your date may incur an added service charge, so let us help you along the way if you have questions. 


Don’t forget, while we might have a given date available when we talk, your date isn’t reserved until we have a deposit!

Let us imagine together what your day can be.

Can I add to my count or change my menu after I've booked the date?

It's your event.  We want to make sure you have a great time, not a huge hassle.  To this end, we’re happy to work with you to refine your menu and attendance up to 14 days before your date.  Changes within 14 days of your date may incur an added service charge, so let us help you along the way if you have questions.

How far will you travel to serve?

We travel in a 25-30 mile radius from our location, about 35-45 minutes max.

Are all your side dishes homemade?

Our menu offers high quality, homemade foods of ample quantity prepared in our own kitchen.

I would like to have a pig roast but I don't know what I need to start?

We offer pigs roasted on site for that special ambiance or roasted off site and delivered as sliced meats for your convenience.  Based upon the number of people you’ll be hosting, the venue you’d like us to serve in, and how you’d like the meal presented, we can make the right recommendation to serve you best.

How many people does the average pig feed?

For on-site roasting, our minimum charge ($595) will serve 50 people.  For more than that, we have fourteen roasters, and we can serve up to 2000 people at a time.  Rest assured, we can help you accurately size the menu to make sure that you don’t need to worry about running out of food.

How do you cook a pig?

Not just our pork but most of our meats are roasted over charcoal in our custom made roasters.  Our roasters are completely self-contained and portable—not only are they designed and built to provide slow even heated and superior flavor, we won’t even damage your grass.

Why do you insist on charcoal?

We started cooking with charcoal more than 35 years ago and it is our preferred method for cooking meats. The slow roast provides a juicier, tender, and flavorful meat.


How long does it take to roast a pig?

Once the charcoal is ready, it will take from six to twelve hours to roast the pig and a minimum of one hour to carve. So you tell us what time you want to serve. We will start it accordingly, even if it means a 3 a.m. start time.

Do you roast other meats besides pork?

Absolutely. In addition to the many pigs we do (often for other caterers) we’ve done lamb, chicken, turkey, beef this year alone. Our menu page offers a complete list of standard items, but if you have another idea – or need a suggestion – just ask us! For our vegetarian customers, we offer special dishes to suit that choice as well.

What if we want to roast our own?

Strock's has 14 roasters that can handle anything from a single pig to hamburgers and hot dogs. All of our roasters are available for rent, subject to availability and a security deposit. 

Pig Roast Questions

Other Questions

FAQ document

For answers to other frequently asked questions like alcohol service, venue rentals,  scheduling appointments, or additional wedding info, please refer to our FAQ document here: Strock Enterprises, Inc. FAQ,

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