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1913: The Early Years


The Strock Farm located in south central PA has been in the family for over 100 years. Situated just outside of Mechanicsburg on Williams Grove Road,Grandpa Strock started business as a dairy farmer back in 1914. 

1945: It began as an

FFA Project


In 1945, Kent's Grandma Strock decided to participate in a project with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) providing fresh, dressed turkeys to local families. Little did she know that this venture would be the start of a family business that would span more than 70 years. Kent's parents Clyde and Mabel continued the turkey business and added pigs. To this day, the Strocks are known as the premeir  fresh dressed turkey business in Central PA. 

1981: Home Again


After doing graduate work at Iowa State and teaching agricultural science in Minnesota, Kent decided to return to Pennsylvania with his wife, Raelene, in order to join the family business. 

1981 - 1985: Oink Oink


In 1981, Kent and Raelene had successfully built their first commercial pig roaster. It wasn’t long before everyone was talking about the tender, moist, and delicious roasted pigs coming from the Strock farm. Once again, business was booming.

Family Expansion


As busuness grew, so did the family. Here is only a mere portion of the Strock family standing in front of their homestead.

1994 - 2015:

Full Service Picnic Catering, Side Dishes & Rentals


Faced with increasing demand for their flavor-filled, down home cooking, the Strocks expanded their pig roasting to include their signature side dishes. Now you could satisfy your cravings by choosing from the a-la-carte selections all the way up to a full-service catered event.


The Strocks continued to expand so that now they have the capacity to roast up to 15 pigs at one time. And if you need to rent one of their roasters for your own function, you can do that too. Don’t forget about that lip-smacking, homemade barbeque sauce to finish your roasted pig. 

photo courtesy of Katie Brock.

Clyde and Mabel,

(Grandma and Poppa)


And to think it all started from a dairy farm and a turkey project from Kent's grandparents. And continued by Kent's parents, Clyde and Mabel. Thank you to previous Strock generations.

Farm Expansion


The Strock Farm continued to expand. More out-buildings were added to accommodate the growing business.

2013: The Catering Barn


In order to extend services year round, the Strocks renovated one of their barns into a fully heated and air-conditioned venue with modern bathrooms and changing areas to accommodate weddings, receptions, family and corporate gatherings.

2015: Business Growth with a Family Approach

Two Strock family members joined Kent & Raelene as regular employees after business growth exceeded expectations.

Their son, Kurtis, came on full time as Operational Support and Robin, their daughter-in-law, is Administrative Support a few days each week.

Many other family members have worked at the farm throughout the years, and continue to help when called upon as needed.  

2016: The Corn Crib

The Strocks continued expansion by renovating another old building, the Corn Crib, to provide a space for smaller, more intimate events and an indoor location for wedding ceremonies. It has the the same rustic look & feel, but with modern amenities like bathrooms and climate control, just like the Catering Barn.

2017 And Beyond:

The Best is Yet to Come

The Strocks are planning to add more on-premise services! Everything will continue to build upon the family legacy, with the same country charm you’ve come to love and expect.

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