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Holiday Meats: Important Update!

Dear Friends: Greetings!


The joy of Easter is upon us and we hope you create lasting memories with family and friends. We want to personally thank you for purchasing holiday meats from Strock Enterprises, Inc. Who knew that the initiative of Kent’s Uncle George to participate in a project with the Future Farmers of America (FFA), providing fresh dressed turkeys to local families would span the time of more than 70 years and multiple generations. We are very blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity.


Over the past few years, we have run into several challenging issues which impact our ability to continue producing and selling holiday meats:


  1. It has become difficult to receive the turkey chicks we need in a timely manner from one of the hatcheries which supply us. Thus, we have had problems fulfilling all customer demands.

  2. Our equipment to process turkeys is aging.

  3. Our labor force is also aging and has become harder to find quality labor.

  4. As you may or may not know, Strock Enterprises, Inc. is comprised of three main businesses: Catering Services, Event Venues, and Holiday Meats. As of July 2016, there are two event venues on our property, the Catering Barn and Corn Crib. Last year, we hosted and catered 65 weddings on the farm in addition to many other events like birthdays, anniversary parties, corporate/business events, banquets, baby, or bridal showers, etc. The growth of the event venues and catering business happened much quicker than anticipated, with optimistic, upward projections, and continued expansion. We have had and will continue to have significant scheduling difficulty with the Holiday meats.


It is with careful consideration of the legacy of the Strock family farm and business, along with the growth of the venues, catering, and the challenges we have faced, led us to this decision:


We will no longer be selling any Holiday meats, Hams, or Turkeys.


Again, we are incredibly grateful to our customers that have faithfully supported us through the years. We know this may come as a shock or disappointing news for you, as it has not been an easy decision for us. We value the relationships with our customers and the great reputation you have given us. For that reason, we feel it is important to give our loyal customers an alternate option for 2017 and beyond.

So... Where can you get those Holiday meats?


Turkeys (Whole birds, Breasts, Smoked products):

We are pleased to announce and highly recommend Oak Grove Farms, located only one-­‐half mile from us on Fisher Road, as your new source for fresh dressed turkeys!


Oak Grove will be supplied by Jaindl Farms, located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Jaindl is an independent, family run farm, like us, and a leader in the turkey industry. They will provide a high quality, fresh dressed turkey like ours. From farm to table, Jaindl does it all!

“Jaindl is the largest independently owned and fully integrated turkey business in the world.”


You will receive a letter from Oak Grove detailing how and when to order your turkeys for the holidays. We will be working with them closely this year throughout the transition, so it goes smoothly for you, but we truly believe they will offer quality customer service, like you have received from us. Oak Grove also offers exceptional bakery items and fresh produce throughout the year, so you can finish all your holiday feast shopping with them!


Ham and Ham loaf: Oak Grove will also be serving our ham and ham loaf customers, so you don’t need multiple order forms or run extra errands for your holiday celebrations!


Thank you again for your continued support of Strock Enterprises, Inc. throughout this journey.

We hope to see you and your family again… perhaps at an event in one of our venues, the Catering Barn or Corn Crib!



Kent and Raelene Strock

CEO’s of Strock Enterprises, Inc.

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